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Shenzhen ALPS Technology Co., Ltd, as one of the most professional AIDC aftermarket supplier in China, insist on providing superior quality and reliable products as well as the best after-sale services to worldwide market.

about us

ASPL is located in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, China, where is the one of the largest production base of spare parts products in China. As one of the electronic parts enterprise, we specialize in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing spare parts for AIDC machine. Our main products include: digitizer, LCD module, cover, Keypad, cable, charger,  handstrap for AIDC machines, beyond this, we are also a supplier of stable, compatible parts for major brands in the AIDC industry such as Zebra, Motorola & Symbol, Honeywell, Datalogic, Intermec etc.

Qualified Specialists

Spare part products are not allowed any irregularities. We possess the best technical engineer to participate in product manufacturing and evaluation, committed to providing an efficient and high level of service to all customers. Every part we produce undergoes rigorous testing.

Modern Factory

In addition to manufacturing, we are engaged in research of modern production technologies and committed to creating efficient and modern factories. We always keep up with the market demand for our production and quality. It is our goal to become a parts' depot for AIDC equipment worldwide.

Sales Service

ALPS has been engaged in AIDC spare parts manufacturing more than 20 years, we continue to provide timely market information and technical support to all customers. ALPS possess professional technical team to fulfill various requirements of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.

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Specialist in AIDC Parts

It is better to be a good specialist in one business than an average in several industries.
Our AIDC machine spare parts’ R&D and manufacturing team is well aware of the needs of the market. Therefore, we are confident to say we are experts in this industry.

Manufactured in China

We are one of the leading AIDC part manufacturer, and the spare parts are widely distributed in warehousing, logistics and medical industries around the world and supported by an extensive distributor network.

Quality manufacturing

All production stages of our products are under strictly quality control, and each step is subjected to precise and professional quality control and testing. All products have near-perfect performance in identify practice.

One- Stop Supplier

ALPS producing and providing digitizer, LCD module, cover, Keypad, cable, charger, handstrap for AIDC machines and other product series, hundreds of varieties and specifications to meet various of requirement. So we are confidence to be your one-stop AIDC part solution provider.


Years Of Experience


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What Does ALPS Do?

As a professional one-stop AIDC part manufacturer, ALPS owns integrated supply chain to provide a full range of AIDC spare part services for logistics and transportation, manufacturing, medical and health care, quality control and tracking, ticket management and other industries, with modern production technology and strict cost controls, we supply the most cost-effective products to all of our customers.

Full-Range Supplies

From digitizers, LCD modules, covers, Keypads, cables, chargers, hand straps for AIDC machines, the ALPS team’s expertise in risk and project management has led to a global footprint and a preferred supplier for several brands. We will also continue to leverage our strengths to provide professional AIDC parts.

Continuous Innovation

Our main axis is constant innovation; we are committed to the continuous development and implementation of new standards of product quality and service efficiency. We have accumulated many registered technical patents and certifications. ALPS strive to provide the best experience to our customers.

After Sale

ALPS not only sales products, we also provide the proper product knowledge training and education to assist customers in performing the highest standards works. There is an ethical element to all of this, as ALPS upholds the fashioned values of integrity and honesty, while always treating all customers as our friendly cooperation partners.

Consistent Reliable and Sustainable Quality

ALPS is dedicated to establish reassuring quality system throughout the whole spare part manufacturing process. For this core value, we are responsible for both of our customers and entire industry.

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