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Why Us


It would be insufficient to respond to such a question with a simple “because we are the best.” So, allow me to elaborate on what it is that makes us the best, and that makes us the best choice for your company.

First, we are not like the traditional factories in China that you might be used to. We set ourselves apart from the others in several ways; we are a spare parts’ supplier that understands our customer’s needs, as well as global market trends. We aim to provide unmatchable service to our customers, while constantly pursuing innovation in our products. The AIDC machine has become increasingly popular in recent years, so does its aftermarket parts industry, and our strategies and implementation have stayed one step ahead of all the other peer.

Secondly, we do everything to support our clients in growing their business. We want to do everything we can to guarantee you sell more in the future. It’s obvious to us that your success is our own. This is our mission, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way! Considering these aspects, we are already a cut above the rest, but after you see the quality of our products, it won’t even be a question any more.

Here are 8 differences between traditional supplier and us

1 over 8 years of experience in compatible spare parts’ supply, which means ALPS are reliable
2 The best spare part quality
3 Offer high quality at fair prices
4 Wide range of stock can meet your needs
5 Flexible MOQ satisfy different business scale.
6 Good and rich industry resources
7 Fast delivery
8 Excellent after sales service, focus on quality and time