Social Responsibility

Employer, Production and Environmental Responsibilities

Shenzhen ALPS Technology Co., Ltd maintains high standards of corporate responsibility. As a manufacturer and supplier of AIDC parts, we believe that a positive record as a conscientious enterprice, acting responsibly and with integrity in all our dealings, will further enhance our reputation.

We recognize that the success of our business depends on the development, review and implementation of key policies covering the environment, employment and supplier selection. Furthermore, we consider it essential to manage the impacts of our business on key groups including employees, customers, suppliers, partners and the local community.

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Employer Responsibility -
Employee Happiness

As a company that produces and delivers aftermarket part products, we want our products to bring convenience to as many people as possible, and we want our employees to feel comfortable during the production process. ALPS believes that if our employees produce and work in a happy mood, this happy mood can be passed on to our customers and eventually to the end user.

For this reason, ALPS provides its employees with a comfortable working environment, sufficient breaks and safe and harmless production materials. 

As an employer, we can do more than just provide jobs, but actively seek the happiness and development of our employees.

Production Responsibility -
High quality

As a manufacturer of mass-produced AIDC machine, it is our job to design and manufacture quality aftermarket parts and spare parts.

During the production process, we actively work towards creating a better future in accordance with the environment and nature. We have always provided society with quality and compliant spare parts, and of course, ALPS won’t stop there. As our sense of social responsibility increases, we will continue to do our part to contribute to professional AIDC machine in order to improve the quality of life for those who need them.

ALPS wants to contribute to the quality of life of individuals, starting with ourselves. ALPS will continue to conduct research on spare parts manufacturing industry in the search for sustainable development, launching and carrying out projects concerning all segments of society.

Environmental Responsibility-
Sustainable Development Principles

Shenzhen ALPS Technology Co., Ltd incorporates product compliant, quality and environmental protection throughout the product lifecycle, from the design phase to product delivery. ALPS has a clear idea that we want to reduce the environmental impact of our production over time.

We actively reduce the waste generated during the manufacturing process. For the wastes from the manufacturing process, we want them to be used for other projects by recycling them. For defective products from the manufacturing process, we prefer to repair them rather than simply discard them. We guarantee that these products will be executed to the same standards as other products and will not cause any inconvenience when used.