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This is our dashboard for communicating with you. Communicate tape orders accurately and efficiently. Here, we will provide you with one-stop professional services such as product price consultation, wholesale AIDC parts, product complaints, service complaints, sales, and after-sales processing.

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ALPS assist clients to manufacture and pack AIDC machine spare parts & aftermarket parts for their business. Provide you with purchase advice from the point of view of a professional AIDC parts’ manufacturer and confirm all details with you. ALPS ensure the best results of part performance in the produce stage, and do a good job in eco-friendly and sustainable development. Our goal is to ensure that our customers’ investment in ALPS can bring the best return.

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Delivery of an order is not the end of the transaction. At ALPS, we provide full after-sale tracking service. If there is a problem with your order, we can help you within a day. We are committed to providing you with after -sales services such as order tracking, return and exchange, and defective product recovery. It has always been our responsibility and mission to solve your worries.

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